About us

Our company employs professionals with more than 15 years of experience in real estate.

We guarantee a high level of quality in our properties, a personal and satisfying treatment, verified by our clients, and competitive prices adapted to the current market.

Real estate products adapted to your needs.

The services we offer are: buying, selling and renting houses, villas, flats, detached houses, parking places, storage rooms, plots, and commercial or industrial buildings.

We can help with personal and social advice services on the area where you buy your home, to make of your stays or your life, unique experiences (boat trips, shopping, restaurants, sports centers, aesthetics, private transport with driver and high-range vehicles, etc…).

We work with construction companies to offer refurbishment services, new construction, project advice or custom-made projects.

We also deal with all legal services related to real estate:
  • Drafting or review of sales or lease contracts.
  • Representation at the notary.
  • Tax settlement.
  • Registry of properties.
  • Procurement of loans or mortgage for the purchase.
  • Cancellation of existing debts or seizures.
  • Profitable Wealth or Equity management.
  • Procurement of resident and work visas, Golden visa or visa for foreign investors.
  • Incorporation or purchase of companies, investment companies or other kinds.
  • Any other commercial, civil, criminal, labor, tax, bankruptcy or procedural legal counseling.

QUALITY SERVICES. House Maintenance

  • Refurbishment Services
  • New Construction
  • Advice on construction projects
  • Tailored mobility
  • Evacuation of furniture

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