Legal services

We cover all legal aspects related to real estate

Drafting or review of sales or lease contracts.
Before the parties assume any type of commitment, everything must be clear and concise.
Representation at the notary. Tax settlement. Registry of properties.
We will verify that the property is registered in the seller's name, and that there are no pending debts or seizures.
Procurement of mortgage. Cancellation of existing debts or seizures. Equity management.
We proceed to remove the annotation that may appear in the Property Registry in favor of the Bank or financial institution, in order to free the Property of charges.
Procurement of residence and/or work visas, Golden visa or visa for foreign investors.
The visas enable a foreign citizen to live in Spain after the purchase of a house priced over 500,000 €, or for the development of an innovative activity or a business project that is considered and accredited as being of general interest.
Incorporation or purchase of companies, investment companies or other kinds.
Signature of the Deed of Incorporation of the Company. General procedures. Property Transfer Tax and Stamp Duty Regulations.
Any other commercial, civil, criminal, labor, tax, bankruptcy or procedural legal counseling.
Consult the most frequent questions in legal matters. We are at your disposal to consult whatever you need.

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